zoning in

Ok so i have been awake from yesterday 6 in the morning…. and gonna have to stay up till tonight 2 – 3 ish.

The allnighter was a work thing that had to be done. Moving a server isnt something the boss likes done during office hours. How rude! The staying up late is a game thing. Warhammer roleplay is just too good to pass up!

But as i was running dungeons on my little stabberdystab tonight.. this morning… whatever, i noticed that i got in that “im dozing off place” and wasnt playing full concentration. Thinking what the hell who cares, i just set myself to autopilot. Next thing i remember is the endboss. Looking at my meters afterwards i noticed i did higher deeps then normal. Is that “the zone” people always talk about? Because normally i have to work keeping my dps up, while moving, keeping dots ticking and debuffs rolling. Anyway our tank wasnt so happy with it because he lost aggro on me a number of times :-)

Well of to that roleplay session. cu peeps laters

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Some of you assasination rogues may know this, but some most certainly dont:

Backstab! Why? because its cool! And rogue-like! And its what we do!

But seriously, you wouldnt believe how much of a dps increase this is: Backstab becomes like a shooting someone with an M60 when your target is below 35% health. Why? http://www.wowhead.com/spell=14159/murderous-intent

What it all comes down to is energy. Rogues need energy to do whatever special attack it is they want to do. Now normally for an assasin specced rogue the backstab ability would be too expensive on energy to use on a mob. It gives one combopoint with the of chance of giving 2 on a crit where mutilate gives 2-3 combopoints AND is cheaper on energy. Ok backstab hits harder but not enough to make up for the cost. easy choice right? It is, untill your target gets at that magical 35% health and murderous intent does its magic. Combine this with the 10% energy gain you get from your dots (poisons and garrote) backstab becomes cheap enough to be able to spam it up to 4 – 5 combopoints and finish off with a nice envenom or rupture. since backstab then all of the sudden is cheaper then mutilate AND hits harder, you’ll see your dps skyrocket for that last 35%. So change that mutilate with backstab at 35% and be that top rogue you where intended to be!

A few notes to be made here:

Backstab is rather expensive on energy so either make sure you have enough energy to launch that first backstab or use your cold blood cooldown for it. A cup of thistle tea usually does the trick too if your in a pinch.

Make sure you have a Tricks of the trade ready because on a bossfight you WILL pull aggro from the tank if your not carefull, and you dont want that bosss looking at you. You’r a class that is supposed to not be seen. Not one that goes splut on the pavement.

For a real boost in damage use your vanish, garrote your target, start your vendetta + trinkets and start spamming backstab X4 and envenom as a finisher. you can drop rupture at this point.

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Sneak sneak sneak

We are silent assansins, agile brawlers, deadly masters of poison, and a lot more. But the signature ability, the one thing that scares our foes and creeps out our friends is our stealth. The only other class that can rival that is the druid and most druids use it rarely if at all.

With the return of CC in dungeons stealth will be more and more an important ability, even for the combat rogues amongst us, as we will be sapping alot again. What i did notice however is that alot of people who levelled their rogue in combat and played combat troughout wrath, because it was the top dps spec, dont know how stealth actually works. Let me be clear:

Stealth is not invisibility. Its an aggro range reduction mechanism. You can still be detected by others. A few things you want to know for your life in the shadows:

  • A player can even still hear anything you do. 
  • The level difference between yourself and a mob also determens how easy it can spot you.
  • In any normal situation a mob wont be able to “see” you unless it has the ability called truesight (most animal-mobs and some bosses).
  • Standing right in front of a mob while stealthed will attract its attention. It will start staring at you to try and see you. Thats a good time to take a step or two back.
  • If behind a mob you can practicly stand on top of it before it will notice you, but if you stand in its frontal arc it will notice you much easier.
  • Use the distract ability. Its a life saver! Also a nice form of temporary cc till you have sapped your target.
  • You cant enter stealth while in combat, but thats why you have vanish. Wheter you use it offensive or defensive, its a great ability.
  • Sap, distract, pickpocket and tott wont break your stealth.

Try testing your stealthing skills on mobs outside dungeons. Learn your ranges, manouver trough packs of mobs unseen, and try sapping here and there. Spend some time on it because your tank will ask you to do so in a dungeon. A rogue who is good at this will look awesome, and lets be honest, its your job to be awesome that way. If you get noticed during an attempt to sap your assigned mob it wont matter as you’ll be dead…

Its always a bit scary to be sent in to do the dirty work all alone, and tends to give me a kick every time again :-) Did you ever break stealth in the middle of a pull? whats the scariest moment you ever had sneaking up to a target?

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The state of the wow player

Rejoyce fellow players! the state of the wow players is good!

I have been levelling my rogue for the last few weeks and prepping him for cata. Needless to say you meet alot of people when levelling a new toon trough the lfg tool. The overall quality of pugs was famously filled with suck. you came across some good ones but most where either the silent psychokiller type, or the OMFG,ROFLMAO,IPWNZUG33DUNAB, type. The good ones where gems you treasured.

A few weeks in cata: after gathering the dreaded 329 the big moment was there: this rogue could sign for his first heroic! oooh fun. *claps hands exitedly* 45minutes later… oooh deadmines! *makes a fanboyish squeek*. Remember DM? im sure you do. on heroic! This little rogue vanishes and walks in. 7 wipes later: woohoo i see the first boss!

Let me tell you fair and square: heroics are heroic again, and for the better. I think blizzard did a nice job here in making the heroics hard enough to be a challenge whitout making them unreachable for the casual player.

The direct consequence of this is the moment you step into lfg for a heroic, you meet a surpisingly high amount of people who are *gasp* friendly and supportive in their playstyle. Most of these are rather good players as well and if they are not, it doesnt matter that much anyways :-) not like this is a raid right?

Not to say that you dont meet asshats in there anymore, but i met less then in wrath, and the ones i did encounter where fairly easy removed by either the tank not taunting, or the healer not healing. TOTT is a rather fun anti-asshat tool btw :-) just saying….

I still prefer to run anything and everything with guildies as that is still more fun then running with starngers, but its nice to know that players are getting back on the civilized side of the line that is called social interaction in wow.

The state of the wow players is good!

What do you think about the new generation of puggers? for the better or for the worse?

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